S. Elliot Brandis

Best-Selling Author.


Vital Stats

Name: S. Elliot Brandis

Age: 30

Nationality: Australian

Genres: Horror, Science Fiction, Magical Realism

Why I write

I became an author because I wanted to. Sounds naff, right? Well, it's not. I love fiction. Movies, novels, music, and comics. And I like creating things. I like words.

So, I put those passions together.

Let's be clear: I don't hold back and I don't pander. I don't write to win awards, or hit best-seller lists, or to feel important. I write to push boundaries. To put words together in ways that thrill me. To explore topics that can make your skin crawl, or your fists clench. Make you laugh and cry.

Anything less would be dishonest.

What Inspires Me

I like to read science fiction, especially within a dystopian setting. Authors like Kurt Vonnegut Jr., Margaret Atwood, and George Orwell.

I also like reading literary tales of outsiders. And tales of survival. Outcasts are my favourite people. Think Cormac McCarthy and Daniel Woodrell.

My team is the Houston Astros. There are 162 games a year. I try to watch at least half of those. Yes, I like underdogs. But 2017 is our year.

Oh, and I love horror movies. Clearly. My favourites include Scream, The Conjuring, You're Next, Eden Lake, Don't Breath, We are What We Are, and American Psycho. Killers interest me. 

You might not like my taste in music. It doesn't always make sense. I listen to country (traditional and mainstream), punk, and indie hip-hop. Sturgill Simpson, Fugazi, and Run the Jewels. 

I travel. At the time of writing, I am in Bolivia. Next week I will be in Peru. Maybe one day I'll be near you.