S. Elliot Brandis

Best-Selling Author.


The Seven Worlds Saga was my first foray into Young Adult fiction. That said, I have always enjoyed writing young characters. There's something exciting that time in our lives. There's a whirlwind of competing emotions-- fear, hope, anger, and love -- and an endless barrage of challenges. 

The first novel, The Pearl Diver, was released in 2015. A sequel is in hot demand.

The Pearl Diver

I’m Elsie, from the planet Caelum. 

It’s 96% ocean, but that’s okay. Out of all six planets (or seven, if you believe the myths), we’re the only people with gills. I can breathe underwater for minutes at a time, discovering the secrets of the deep-sea. Diving is my first love. 

But not everybody understands. 

Each year they run a competition—a single black pearl is dropped into the ocean, and graduating students dive to find it. It sounds easy, but it’s not. The ocean is a dark and dangerous place, with caves, crevices, and flesh-eating creatures. Some years, not everybody survives. 

It’s how my brother died. 

My parents won’t let me compete. At times it seems like the whole island is against me. I don’t care. I will enrol, win, and gain the ultimate prize—a job diving on the head planet of the entire system. I’ll do whatever it takes. I’ll fight for a better life, out there in the stars. 

I will be the Pearl Diver. 

Or die trying.