S. Elliot Brandis

Best-Selling Author.

The TUNNEL Trilogy

Irradiated was the first novel I ever published. It went on to spawn two more novels, which became known as The Tunnel Trilogy. Together, they tell the story of post-apocalyptic Australia. It is a bleak and barren wasteland, inhabited by both the purely wicked and the wickedly pure. No cars, no guns, no hope. Fight or die.

These are tales of Jade, Pearl, and Flynn.


Welcome to Australia. 

Nobody knows the year. The country is an irradiated wasteland. The past has been forgotten. 

To Jade, none of that matters. She escaped a twisted underground society, with her baby sister bundled in her arms. She learned to scavenge, to hide, to survive. One day at a time.

But when her sister goes missing, none of those days matter.

Bile rises in her throat. Sweat prickles on her skin. Bloody thoughts fill her mind. 

Jade will get her sister back.

No matter what the cost. 


Flynn, a quiet but determined young man, lives in an underground road tunnel with thousands of others. The world outside is a wasteland, and the radiation of the sun can mutate genes. But Flynn has a secret: he himself has a hidden mutation, an erratic ability to kill with his mind.

When a woman finds Flynn claming there are others like him, with strange and powerful mutations, he must make a choice—does he continue to live in the shadows, or will he risk his life to save his own kind? 

One thing is certain: if he fails, there will be retribution. The path to freedom is fraught with danger. Everyone he loves may die.


IRRADIATED told the story of Jade and Pearl, sisters fighting for their lives in an harsh and twisted wasteland. 

DEGENERATED delved into the tunnels--a twisted underground society, at odds with the outside world.

ABERRATED is the epic conclusion.

Humanity is on its last legs. Only outlaws and outcasts remain. They are mutants, mongrels, and orphans. They are experiments, degenerates, and visionaries. Every last one is aberrated.

Will they tear each other apart? Or will humanity find a way to survive?