S. Elliot Brandis

Best-Selling Author.

Young Blood

Young Blood is a cutting-edge series, blending elements of horror, dark comedy, and meta-fiction. 

The first installment, Young Slasher, was released in 2016. To date, this the most enjoyable novel I have written. It has everything -- violence, off-beat humour, punk rock, and dizzying plot twists. 

The second novel is currently in development.

YounG Slasher

Have you ever wanted to kill somebody?

Sorry, that’s a blunt question. It might make you uncomfortable. If it does—if your stomach knots or your skin prickles—then your answer is yes. You probably don’t want to admit it. I get that. But it doesn’t change the fact that deep down you’re a killer. 

Like me.

My name is Mia Sanguine. I’m a 17-year- old girl, living in Australia. I go to school, play percussion in the orchestra, and study when I have to. I like horror movies, comic books, and punk music. Oh, and yeah, a group of teenagers has ruined my life. 

So I’m going to kill them.

But don’t get me wrong—I’m not talking about some Columbine-styled rubbish. No offense, but this isn’t the United States. All I need is a mask, an outfit, and a pair of knives. You see, I’m going to become a slasher movie villain. Like Jason, Mike, or Ghostface. In real life. Not because it’s right. But because of what I am.